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So much in our modern world has been made possible through research. It has brought us technology, clean energy, building materials, transportation, and it has improved our state of healthcare.

This journey of discovery never ends as we continue to improve our understanding of the problems in order to develop the solutions.

So many burning questions remain, especially in lower and middle income countries, as found in Africa and the developing world. However, we produce so little of the research. Healthcare is a good example where these countries suffer from many diseases and yet the majority of healthcare research is done in the first world.

In his keynote address at this year’s Jupyter Project Conference, Dr Klopper addresses the problems and challenges inherent to conducting research in lower and middle income countries. He offers solutions used within Falx Research to educate and empower researchers through the creation of educational resources, the provision of modern tools for data analysis, and providing research management support.

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The creation of educational resources and the support of research projects empowers scholars from all over the world to contribute to our collective research output, solving our local outstanding research questions.

Welcome to our world of data science, research, and education, where we aim to empower, support, and inspire.

Reach out to join forces in spreading knowledge and information.

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