Corporate Social Investment

Falx Research is a non-profit organisation seeking to partner with corporates and private companies who’s values align with that of advancing research and education for the greater good.

How we can help you do good

Together with your CSI budget and our expertise, we can help put South Africa’s rich research resources to good use and to make a difference in the lives of others.

We already support many young researchers in Southern Africa. It is our vision to invite corporate South Africa to contribute to the much needed research that leads to the upliftment of our country.  

How your contribution realises the potential of research in South Africa:

  • provide training and mentorship, creating a support infrastructure for healthcare trainees completing HPCSA mandated research projects
  • funding biostatisticians, research associates, and research support staff
  • bringing clinical teams and the corporate¬†pharmaceutical industry together to advance healthcare at the bedside
  • to partner with private pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to bring products to market